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Training Programs

Personalized Training program for candidate

Tailored digital marketing training program designed to meet individual needs, led by experts, offering personalized learning for every candidate’s success.
Experience a customized digital marketing training program led by experts, catering to individual needs for optimal learning and professional growth

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Social Media Marketing Course Content

  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  2. Social Media Platforms Overview
  3. Social Media Strategy Development
  4. Content Creation and Optimization
  5. Community Management
  6. Analytics and Measurement
  7. Social Media Advertising
  8. Legal and Ethical Considerations
  9. Emerging Trends and Future Outlook
  10. Case Studies and Practical Applications
  11. Additional Resources

Computer Basics To Advance

  1. Introduction to Computers
  2. Computer Hardware
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Software Applications
  5. Internet Basics
  6. Computer Networking
  7. Computer Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  8. Advanced Computer Concepts
  9. Programming and Coding
  10. Career Paths in IT
  11. Practical Projects and Exercises